Monday, September 17, 2007

a wonderful evening

honest to goodness last night was an amazing night. BT (my former FHE Brother) and his little brother invited me to go up to SLC to see a musical thing about pioneers put on by the institute up there. It was fun, and I really enjoyed it. Afterwards BT convinced me to come hang out at their apt. with/his roommates, and man alive I LOVE those boys! I've always had a crush on BC and he's taken me to iHop and we've hung out a lot....but it has never gone very far. I still like him a lot, and I just wish he would act on it, because I KNOW that he likes me. He's just too scared. And I know that if I ask him out, it would freak him out beyond all measure. So I just have to be patient and hope that he will eventually jump on the bandwagon. The good thing is that I think we'll hang out more, especially b/c after jamming with him and his guitar (which I have missed doing SO much!) I told him we need to hang out more and he should come over to where I live and he was all, okay. And then I said, "No seriously, BC, I expect you to come over, and if you don't come over in the next 2 weeks I am going to come after you." He laughed and I told him that I was dead serious and that we needed to hang out more. Because Honestly, I REALLY LIKE HIM. LIKE A LOT. He makes me super happy, I know that I can make him happy and that we would be good for each other. So yeah...we'll see if it goes anywhere anytime soon. It probably won't, but a girl can dream. :-D