Sunday, September 30, 2007


Last night I attended Brigham Young University's ever popular World of Dance. Each main dance company (i.e. Cougarettes, Dancer's Company, International Folk Dance Ensemble (IFDE), Ballroom Dance Company, and Theater Ballet) each perform a few pieces. I have gone for the past 3 years. It is usually a really fun performance with great pieces to be enjoyed. This year however, I wasn't wowed like I usually am. The Cougarettes' pieces, while good, seemed to be the same thing they always do, nothing special by any means. IFDE was kinda boring this year. They did one piece that I had never seen before, but none of their pieces were amazing. Just bleh. Ballroom Dance Company was by far the best performing group of the night. Even though I had seen all three of their pieces at other shows, they did 3 of my favorites, including Do Wah Diddy, which is my favorite cha-cha ever, and my friend was in it (there were only 3 couples) and he lit up the stage as the best guy out there for sure. Theater Ballet did two pieces, both pieces that Ballet Showcase has done before, and they didn't seem as cool when we did them. They did them well, and they did better than they have done in past years at World of Dance, but honestly...Ballet Showcase has cooler pieces for our show in November right now.

Overall, I wasn't that impressed with World of Dance. I had a lot of friend and my friend Dr. Teeth that I have known since I was 14 went with me. We went in a group with some other friends of mine and prefaced the show with dinner at P.F. Chang's which was good and followed the show with games and Dr. Teeth playing his guitar. It's been ages since he and I had hung out and he had a couple new songs for me. So the company was good and I had fun, but when the show is kind of disappointing it's sad.

Now it's Sunday, and I slept through choir, mostly because I needed to catch up on sleep, it's been a rough week. Today I get to read some conference talks for my religion class and sew new pointe shoes. :P

General Conference is this next weekend, and I am so EXCITED!!! I don't really have any plans for conference. I kind of want to go to a session, but I haven't found anyone who wants to try and get tickets. Not that I've really asked around yet. lol. I'm also trying to decide if I want to carry on my tradition of making orange rolls for conference...they're yummy, but I only like to do that if it's for other people. So i guess it will depend on what my plans end up being for conference. :)

Have a great day y'all.