Sunday, September 23, 2007


I find it really entertaining that sometimes I go forever without posting, and then much happens that you get 2 posts in one day! :) Ah well, don't get used to it y'all. ;)

So the reason for this post this Sunday afternoon, is due to the fact of how wonderfully lovely it is.

I LOVE Fall in Utah. Today was a little cloudy this morning and it's still windy now, but the sun is shining, it's like 65 degrees and absolutely gorgeous! I think it is one of my favorite seasons for many reasons. Some of my favorite holidays happen during the Fall, it's not to hot or too cold, it's "sweater weather" which I LOVE wearing sweaters and the leaves turn colors. Not to mention that after the leaves change colors they fall to the ground and I can crunch through them, or jump into them. :D Definitely a favorite past-time of mine. Hurray for Fall!!!!