Thursday, September 06, 2007

The First Week of School

So here we are...coming to the end of the first week of school. I have already decided that my econ class is going to be my least favorite class of this semester's schedule, and my English class....I LOVE IT!!! This class is going to be absolutely amazing. I am so excited for it. Ballet classes are going well, although I'm rather sore and tight all over. Company is good....although changes have happened with the directors of the companies....drama all over the department. however, i think its going to be all okay in the end. It's going to be a good semester. :) SS Prez and I are still kind of dating. In fact....I might get to see him tonight, but he had some stuff come up so we'll see what happens there. In other areas of my life...roommates are good. I have one roommate who is older than me, one who is the same age as me, and one who is 2 years younger...but its a good mix. We al lseem tobe getting along and enjoy each other's company, so that's a good thing. overall....this year is going to rock! I'll try to update a little more frequently...but if I don't, know that it is probably because I am having so much fun being me!


Chesea said...

Hey chica! I am glad that things are going well for you. I have a pop quiz question for you. What is the step in petit allegro where you bring both legs coupe coupe then pointe tendu front and coupe coupe point tendu back? The one that Jenny B loves? I am teaching it to my kids up here and can't for the life of me remember the name! Your a life saver if you tell me!