Sunday, February 11, 2007


okee dokee.....this is a try to follow me okay?

let's start at the beginning. I met CSR (that is his 'nym....) at work. He was a computer support guy for the College of Humanities, and I worked for Linguistics which is in the College of Humanities. So...he would occasionally be one to help us with our computer problems, and sometimes he would come in just to get tootsie rolls from my jar and say hello. Well, at the beginning of Winter Semester, he started coming by a little more frequently, which I was okay with, because he is a really cute guy, and a very nice guy as well.

Well, on Thursday (the 8th) he came in for his 'breakfast' of tootsie rolls and to tell us that he had donuts for me and Phyllis because tomorrow (Friday the 9th) was his last day at work. We were sad by this, but excited because he has found a job in D* that is better suited with his major. Well, I walk with him to his office to get some donuts, and in doing so I trip (classic Alishka move) and make fun of it by saying "you'd think as a dance major I'd be more graceful, but no...." well he was surprised to hear i danced, and come to find out he has taken Social Dance 380 multiple times, and is enrolled in it now. Go figure. So then I ask if he'll be at the dance lab, he says yes, and I told him I'll see him there.

Friday, I went to get the mail, and shortly after I got back and was putting the mail away, I hear our office door open, and Phyllis talking to the person who had come in, and then she asks me to come in to the office, and lo and behold it is CSR. Crazy huh? Well, he came to give me a hug and say good-bye, oh and to get his tootsie roll for the last time that day. Well, as he's getting his tootsie roll out of the jar, he looks at my name and says, huh, Alishka babushka, so that's how you spell it. Well, I'm going to have to look you up on stalker net. I looked at him, said okay, and then winked. Later that afternoon he emailed me, I didn't get it until later that night, but pretty much he was asking me out for Saturday afternoon/evening whatever. i emailed him back and told him to either email me again, or call me (and i gave him my number) and i would love to do something with him.

Saturday after rehearsal I get home, and check my email and as soon as I get on, CSR starts chatting with me. He tells me that he was just about to call me, we chat for a few minutes, and then my phone starts to ring. So I talked to him for a long time, he gave me many options of things we could do that afternoon/evening, and we made plans to go dancing at the MAC.

well, after an adventure of trying to find somewhere to eat, we eat and then go and catch the last 10-15 minutes of the tango lesson. Tango and West Coast are his favorite dances, and we learned both that night in the lessons they offered. It was a lot of fun and he was very impressed with how quickly I picked up the steps that we were learning. It was a lot of fun. Well, during the end of the Tango Lesson and into the West Coast Lesson, he began to be much more flirty than he had been earlier, and he held my hand. We also did a lot of cuddling. Well during the evening we were talking and he came clean and admitted that he wasn't coming in for the tootsie rolls, but really to see me, and that really he doesn't even like tootsie rolls. i then told him how happy it made me when he would come in, and how cute I thought he was and nice and blah blah blah....well, he was excited to hear i liked him. anywho....then he drove me home. when we got to the parking lot, we talked and he told me I was the best first date he's ever had, but it had moved really fast (i agree, but I liked it) (all this while holding hands.... :D ) and that he really felt it really important to really get to know someone, so that was why he wasn't going to (and I quote) "kiss me passionately, even though I want to." which, if he had tried, I prolly would have let him, but at the same time i respect that he didn't. we went inside and talked for a few minutes (it was almost 12) and then he left.

he has a dinner thing tonight, but after that he's going to call me, and we're going to do something. we shall see what. :) I'm really excited about this, and it feels different than anything else before in my life. so we'll see what happens. as far as Elder B* goes, I don't know. For some reason, I don't care anymore, I'll keep writing him, but I'm definitely going to focus my attention on yeah. ciao.