Monday, February 26, 2007

life is better

it is indeed better.
well...let me tell you.

friday: went on a 'date' with one of the girls from Ballet Showcase to Pointe Counterpointe, by Academy of Ballet, which happens to be the studio that I trained at. This was the first time in 6 years that I didn't perform in this show. It was weird being an audience member, but it was a good show and I enjoyed it a lot. My little sister was in it, and she was awesome. Plus my date was cute. :)

Saturday I had rehearsal, a Mary Kay facial (i ended up buying some of their product, and my skin feels soooo soft!), and a date with JK a RM from HS. It was fun, and we went and saw Bridge to Terabithia which was an amazing movie, and very true to the book. JK is a great kid, and I'm glad we're still friends, but it was kinda weird, and he's like 4" shorter than me, when I'm in flats. Yeah, that's not going anywhere...

Later that evening and also on Sunday evening I talked to CSR. On saturday evening/afternoon (i don't remember when we had many conversations via gmail chat) he asked me what my countdown was for (b/c i have a countdown on gmail chat...) and well...its for my birthday i tell him. then he asks me what i want, and i want a date :) b/c i'm a fan of dates for my birthday. unfortunately he has class from 7-10 the night of my birthday, but he's going to take me out either the thurs. or fri. after. how cute is that? i'm very excited at the prospect. so he's back in the running, not that he ever left the running, but i'm definitely not as frustrated with him as I was before.

so yesterday, was mighty mouse's homecoming. I saw soooooo many people from high school it was crazy. reunions are like that. :) it was good to see mighty mouse, he's doing so good, and he took down everyone's numbers so hopefully he keeps in touch and what not and we hang out someday in the future, he's a cool kid and i enjoy his friendship. i got one comment the entire day over and over again, and that was about how i am a great missionary letter writer ( because let's face it, I am! i write everyone and try to do it regularly as well! ;) ) so yeah, that felt good to know that people appreciated the letters i would write to them. so yeah. anywho...i think that's all the updates i have for now. i best be back to work. ;)