Wednesday, April 11, 2007

musings of alishka

  • musing one: the semester is nearing its close and like always i don't have any motivation to do homework, study, or any of that nonsense that college students do. i just like to play!
  • musing two: boys really are stupid and its been decided that anyone that can't treat me right or give me the attention i deserve isn't good enough for me and to not date someone for that reason is okay by me.
  • musing three: missionary bob comes home in 3 1/2 months. am i excited? i would be lying if i said no. although the lack of a letter for the past couple of weeks is unsettling after the content of his last letter to me.
  • musing four: two weeks from tomorrow i move out of ST and on to a new life in a really cute house south of campus. am i excited? again, i would be lying if I said no. Although I'll miss my friends, roommates, and ward of ST I am very much ready for change.
  • musing five: i have ambitious goals for staying in shape this summer. Hopefully I can stay on top of said goals so i can make BSC next fall. :D