Saturday, April 28, 2007

I forgot

what it is like to be living without internet access. i hate it. granted, i still have my compy, but with the house running on wireless and my old compy not having wireless stinks. i can't sit at home and waste time...i have to be on campus to do that. which is one place i don't want to be...but here i am because i want to check my email and all that jazz. sigh.

the good news is that this gives me a really good excuse to buy a new compy. which i am 90% sure i will do this weekend with my daddy. i will post later when that happens.

in other news, i am all moved in, finals are over, and the summer has begun. HURRAH!!! I found out this past monday that i have been offered a scholarship for summer term, half tuition, but i think i'll take it...this is part of the reason why i will buy a new i can take acc. 200. :)

went out to lunch with CSR today. his idea. it was fun to catch up on each others' lives and what not. we'll see what happens. :) i also have a date tonight with another friend. that should be least, i hope it will. and that my friends, is all for now. be prepared for more posts, as summer begins so does working full time...and that means life will be slightly boring for the next few months. bring it on i say, bring it on.