Monday, April 30, 2007

first weekend

so for my 3rd post of the day...i figured i should update y'all on my love life. so....2 dates, one good, one good/bad, and a whole lot of confusing feelings. :S

Date #1
with CSR. sigh. and now i'm confused. see....he pretty much thinks he's okay (at least this is what i think he's thinking...) b/c he warned me that he was going to be busy and what not, and so he picked right up where we left off. the end of the date, he made it a point to tickle me (what's up with that?) AND he gave me a really good hug with an extra squeeze...what the??? urgh. he better call and ask me out again, or else i'm going to be really confused.

Date #2
with a guy that i met a couple of weeks ago. i was really friendly and nice, he was easy to talk to, and then i realized he was probably getting the wrong idea and probably thought i liked him. which i don't. at all. in fact, i thoroughly never want to see this young man again, for a date. he's a great friend, but that's it. but i think he thinks he likes me. so now the next time he calls i have to kindly reject him. right now kind of sucks, well, only where boys in utah are concerned. i love a boy in iowa, but he doesn't come home until july, and that is home to portland, not home to me. so someday i will see him again, and we shall see if anything will come of it. until then...i am so single it isn't even funny.