Wednesday, May 09, 2007

i apologize

for not being really good at updating. work has actually kept me pretty busy, until yesterday, but i was not in the mood to post. so here i am today. ready to post. :) and there is so much to tell you, I really don't know where to start. well...lists usually here goes a numbers list...

1-time that csr came and visited me yesterday. out of the blue. and then started a conversation that night with me for the first time in a long time. oh yeah, i hadn't seen him since our date a week and a half ago. i think i'm just going to try and be his friend and not worry about him trying to get into a relationship. sigh.

2- weeks since i heard from elder bass, BUT that's okay because he's amazing... ;)

3-the number of movies i watched this weekend: Freedom Writers (with CW);The Devil Wears Prada and In Good Company (which I watched by myself.)

4-um...i can't think of anything to go with the number four...sorry.

5-this was cinco de mayo, and also 'national make-out day' of which i celebrated neither.

6-the day of my first sunday with my new bishopric. they will definitely help the ward be better.

7-number of days i have owned a fish. his name is Bob (for all my bob friends out there...) he's a pink/purple Beta. And I haven't killed him yet. hurrah!

i don't think i can come up with numbers for anything else. that's pretty much been my past week and a half or so. meh. i'll try to be better at updating. :S ciao!