Saturday, May 26, 2007

so i was thinking...

and you know what? thinking really does get me into trouble sometimes. i just sit around with my thoughts and before i know it i have some strange concoction called an idea. that was this afternoon. i sat all by myself at home today. my roommates went to who knows where, and here i was all alone. and as i took files off my old compy and took said compy to a vehicle in order to transport it to d.i. i thought...huh, no more old compy means i don't HAVE to have my compy on the desk anymore (i have a beautiful new lappy. :)) so maybe i should rearrange?? so, i did what any sane person does when they're alone in their bedroom. i rearranged. and you know what? i like it. i have a lot more open space, which i relish! AND i turned my desk into not only the holding spot for my compy, but also into a vanity area. :) so now i have a great place to get ready in the mornings, my compy has a sleeping spot, and my room has a big huge open square of space. Wahoo!!!