Tuesday, May 15, 2007

the eye doctor...

i don't know why, but i always get nervous before going to the eye doctor, but i do! I have an appointment today, just my annual check-up to make sure my eyes are okay and all that jazz. However, I am so nervous for this appointment! I mean, its not like the dentist's office where you're afraid you might have a cavity...you can't have a cavity in your eye! lol. There isn't anything that I can do to prevent anything that might be wrong with my eyes...at least...not that i know of. Not like teeth anyways. :S i hope all goes well...i need new contacts, i'm on my last pair and it's already been 2 weeks with them, so it's a good thing I am going to the optometrist today. :) He'll give me a trial pair of contacts depending on my eyes, and that will get me through until my new contacts come in. Granted, I do have glasses I can wear...but I'm not so much a fan. Maybe I should become more of a fan. Sigh.

It's Tuesday

Guess what that means? It means that tonight is the series finale of Gilmore Girls. Which is sad...but okay I guess. The show has had a good 7-year run, but I'm sad to see it go. I have loved this show. It makes me happy. :)

You know what else? My ward is looking more and more social each time we get together. I do think the change of the bishopric is making a HUGE difference. :) All-in-all I think it will be a good day...if only I can get over the fear of my eye appointment today...

I PASSED! My eyes are okay dokay, and all is well. I'm just trying out a new brand for ocmfort reasons. Hurrah. My fears were for no reason at all!