Friday, May 11, 2007

I love...

  • My Mom
  • My Dad
  • My Family
  • work (for the most part)
  • dancing
  • beautiful sunshiny days (especially when I get to run errands!!!)
  • chocolate (honestly who doesn't?)
  • skirts (I'm wearing my favorite one today!)
  • hanging out with old friends
  • running into high school friends
  • ice cream
  • dates
  • holding hands
  • hugs
  • letters
  • fun new music
  • weekends that have plans
  • the Gospel
  • reading the scriptures and feeling the spirit
  • MY LIFE!!!!!

so...I was just feeling really in love with my life right thus the inspiration behind this post. I feel like I've complained a lot lately to a lot of people about boys, my housing situation, what I'm going to do for school, etc... when really I do love my life right now. It's amazing. The Gospel is SO true...and how thankful I am for all my wonderful blessings! :)