Sunday, March 09, 2008

Now What?

Cake has been eaten, gifts were given and opened, and much fun was had. Now what???

Now my life gets cRaZy!!!

Last night I had a crazy party with my Twin J. It was a blast and SO many of my friends came to see me! Seriously, most of Twin J's friends showed up much later in the evening, however my friends came in my numbers throughout the night. I saw everyone from CPM, to BC, BKT, and TCK. I also saw old friends from high school, my old neighbor, made new friends, and gave out my phone number to a boy. ;) It was successful party. I love my birthday!! I enjoy seeing people I know and care about. I love it when they come to see me and play with me. I have awesome friends. I really, truly do. It was wonderful.

Now...starts my life of super craziness. I have a show in 2 weeks. We are on stage in exactly one week. During that time I have to teach the ballet class I have been assisting for my methodology class, and write and turn in a research paper for that class as well. Oh yeah, I also get to continue practicing for my piano class, studying physical science, and trying to have a social life. uh-huh right. And as CPM told me, try not to have a melt down like last semester. We'll see how that goes. :P

And now I have to prepare myself to loose an hour...this could be bad, very, very bad. Pray that I don't die k? Much love to all y'all and thanks for the birthday wishes!!! :)