Monday, March 17, 2008

a day in the life...

This is the day in the life of Alishka. This is what a normal Thursday is like for me we go!!!

6:50 am- after hitting snooze 3 times I roll out of bed and jump into the shower. This wakes me up and I get ready for a long day on campus.

7:10- Breakfast!!! I LOVE breakfast. It is one of my favorite meals of the day. This morning as I opened my near empty fridge and tried to decide what to feed my body I notice my leftovers from two nights ago. Suddenly Orange Chicken sounds really good. So I heat up the last of my orange chicken and fried rice. It's protein yeah? It might not be my normal breakfast of French Toast, but it will do. ;)

7:45 - I walk out the door to walk to campus. Brr. It is COLD outside. And dark. Curse that awful Daylight Savings Time.
7:55 I reach the bottom of the stairs of death...I take them two at a time to make them go faster and then it's off to work!
8:05 - I clock into work and go up the wonderful elevator to the 4th floor of the building in which I work. Once I get the office opened, I sit at my desk and turn on my lovely computer. I work really hard and work with the best people ever.

8:55 am- I leave my office and go to my wonderfully long major class.

This is the view on my way to my wonderful class...

the classroom in which I have to sit for two freaking hours. No windows, nothing. It's like a dungeon...

this is me during our "break" in the middle of class. It is a fun class, it's just long...and has a lot of crazy busy work.

10:45 - I leave class. At this point in the day I'm usually dying of hunger. Today's snack on the run is pretzels. Yum. Pretzels.

While walking up the sidewalk I see some pretty sweet sidewalk chalk art. Go Spongebob!!

Oh yeah, and then there's the stairs of death for the 2nd time today. Yuck. I hate these stairs. You would think that after walking up them multiple times every day I could grow to like them, but no. Not at all.

11:00 am - I get to my building of work, and This is the view out the window of my boss's office. It's a gorgeous view, and I love taking a minute to enjoy it every once in a while.

12:05 - I realize I have the best job ever. Why? Oh yes...because I get free lunch. One of the professors had ordered in pizza....and I got to eat leftovers. Go me.

1:15- It's off to class. Again. Down the wretched stairs...I love this tree. It gives great shade in the summer time, and awesome leaves in the fall time. I can't wait for the grass to be really green again so I can run barefoot through it. I love green grass.

1:35 - Ballet Technique starts. Sometimes I stand here:

because I like to stare out the window. However, I think this day I stood somewhere else...but I can't remember, don't hate me.

3:00- Ballet class now being over, I head down to the training room first to do some Pilates exercises...
and then to the fixing part of the training room where the coolest person ever, the dance trainer, fixes me. I love the dance trainer, although secretly I call this the torture chamber. It is not always fun to have to be in here. But in the end it is always worth it.

3:40 - I only have 2o minutes left in my break, and I take this time to read my Book of Mormon

4:00 - Rehearsal Time...This is another corner of the same studio in which I take class, and we're all getting ready. With our show being the 21st and 22nd (YIKES!!) rehearsal time is pressure.

7:00 - Rehearsal ended and as I left the studio I thought y'all might like this picture..

It's true that street shoes aren't allowed...ha ha ha.

7:15 - This week the ballet girls decided we should all go to dinner, so off to dinner we went! We enjoyed a nice meal at a restaurant close to the studio and I got a yummy pulled pork sandwich.

8:05 - Tonight I had to get my Ecclesiastical Endorsement so I can stay at my college. :P It didn't take very long, but was still sort of a pain.

9:00 - Now why this isn't a normal Thursday activity, it did happen, so I will tell you of it. I had a date! Go me! This date was with ST, the boy I met at my birthday party. We went to Smart Cookie and then back to his apartment to watch a movie. It was a lot of fun and the date went really well.

1:00 am - I get back from my date (I told you it went well...) and went to bed. Hurray for bed.

There you go, a day in the life of Alishka. It's pretty much always like that. School, work ,dancing, a date here and there....kind of boring but I actually had some fun taking pictures for it, so I hope you enjoyed it. Have a great day y'all and Happy St. Patrick's Day! Don't forget to wear green! (My problem always being which green shirt to wear, not where am I going to find green? lol)


Tiburon said...

Thank you so much for playing! I want to see pictures of you dancing now :)

Kismet Keeper said...

Lexi took me to Smart Cookie on my visit to Utah. Also, I think I met your Stairs of Death a few times. ;)

Ida said...

aww Looks neat those stairs look scary to me and my thighs.