Wednesday, March 12, 2008

chocolate makes your clothes shrink

I saw this saying hanging in the office of the Chair of the Department for which I work. I found it hilarious and oh so true. I find it even more true at this point in time because there is Easter chocolate EVERYWHERE. I barely get done eating all that Valentine Chocolate goodness and WHAM here comes Easter! Easter comes early this year although you and I both know that this is dictated by the moon, stars, and oh yeah...thos funny Jewish Holidays. ha ha ha.

In other news...I sent Sister Truit to the MTC today. I was her "family" and i'm not even going to try and hide it...but I lost it. I cried. I am so sad to see her go,and yet so extremely joyful at the same time. I love Sister Truit to death, she's been my hero, my roommate, my rock, and my best friend in so many ways. She is going to be an incredible roommate and I look forward to being the best pen pal a missionary can have. ;)

I should be studying for a test, doing two chapter of Physical Science and writing a research paper, but instead I am people watching in the HFAC while attempting to get something done. yeah right. maybe after my ballet class that I'm going to take tonight....guess we'll find out. lol.

Okay, I'm going to go and attempt to study now. Wish me luck.