Sunday, March 30, 2008

Amazingness in just one day!!

Wow! I had the most amazing experience yesterday. I got tickets through Chilly to go to the YW General Broadcast meeting with my mom, sisters, a family friend and her daughter. We started the day off by going to Sandy and half of us went to some bead show (mostly my mom and her friend and the two younger was for my mom's business) then Sister B and I went to the Mall. :-) I bought a super cute little black dress. It looks like this:

It is so cute, and I love it. I also bought these hot black heels:
And these super cute tennis shoe type things:

So it was a very successful shopping trip on my part.

After shopping we grabbed a bite to eat and then headed up to SLC. With our tickets we got a parking pass for under the Church Office Building. That was pretty cool! Then when we got into the conference center, we realized what amazing seats we received....Yes my friends, I sat in the SECOND ROW. Like, one two, second row. It was amazing! My mom was sitting behind Sister Sheri Dew and Elder Russell M. Nelson's wife. She said hello to Sheri Dew...It was awesome. The other awesome thing about being on the second row was the fact that looking right at the speaker was the best view available. :-) So looking at a T.V. screen for me. :-)

I loved all the talks, especially President Eyering's. It was full of good news, good advice, and many things that I found applicable to my life.

After the conference was over Chilly gave us the opportunity to ride on the carts from the conference center to the church office building parking lot where our car was. We got to go through the entrance that the general authorities get to go through! And the cart ride was fantastic things full of fun! It was through mostly carpet hallways...and a heated parking garage. We weren't cold at all...and we didn't have to walk in heels. That was the best part.

So pretty much, I had an amazing experience going to the YW broadcast. So cool!!!

AND now I am mad at the snow. Yes friends, I have THREE INCHES of snow in my front yard. This is not something to be rejoicing about. Yuck, yuck, yuck. sigh....oh well. Not much I can do about it now, except hate it for the rest of it's life.....