Friday, March 14, 2008

Happiness is a series of choices

This is the quote from a movie I watched last night (with good company!!). I agree with this statement, but at the same time I disagree. If that is possible. Allow me to explain.

See, I believe you can be happy after one choice, being happy is a choice and you can do that at any point. However, I do believe (and my friend pointed this out last night as we were watching said movie) that you can become happier with the more choices you make. See as long as I keep making the right choices I will become more and more happy. Isn't that a good thought? Becoming happier? I love being happy. It's a wonderful thing and I try to be a happy a lot of the time. I do have my sad moments, but I try to make those moments pass as quickly as I can. I hate being down. So I try to choose things that will make me happy and then I can continue being happy. :-) Go me.

So...I promised I would tell you about ST, and I will divulge a little bit of information here. ST and I met at my ridiculously awesome birthday party that I had with my Twin. He was a friend of my Twin's. At the end of the party he asked for my number and then he promptly used that number the following Monday. Due to plans already set in stone for today and tomorrow, we decided to go on a date last night. Ice cream and a movie (although the movie part was decided upon later in the evening). We had a blast and life is good right now. We already have plans again! :-) Happy, happy Alishka. Have a great weekend y'all. I know I will!! Disney on Ice with a great friend, Prom for my sister (which means I get to play hairdresser), wedding reception for my best friend from elementary school, and time with my family! Huzzah!!