Friday, March 21, 2008

childhood dreams

I had a vision the other day. I was just in bed trying to get to sleep when I had a vision of an idea for my senior project. I have been brainstorming for the past couple of weeks and had one idea of a dance that would be a parody about BYU dating. However, after my most recent vision...I think the BYU parody is going to have to wait.

My original vision is as follows (although some parts are apt to change due to ability to make it happen.)

Curtain opens with 3 dancers (portraying children) dancing. They are siblings. It is bedtime and "mother" comes in to put them into bed. They each get into their beds, one each in a special that is sort of dim. They begin to fall asleep and as they do so we see the first child (a girl) begin to dream, strains of music that is somewhat classical and sweet begin to play and her dream begins to take place. We see her pretending to be a princess. She dances.

The music begins to change and we see the scene shift over to another child (a boy) where his dream/nightmare of a dragon in the closet begins to take place. He fights off the dragon, but we don't see him slay him, yet.

The music changes again to strains of music for the third child (another boy i think). This is a cowboy and Indian dream.

After we see a bit of each dream the music changes again, but we hear strains from each dream and the dreams begin to merge together. It is now one big, sweet dream. Really, really cool.

Can you see it? I can! It is so clear in my head. Now to find music. This is where my problems lie. Music....however, I have talked to one friend about either him or someone he knows writing music for it. How cool would that be? I'm thinking I want piano music, and then possibly even have it played live. That would be awesome to me. So yeah...I think that is where it is going. If you have any suggestions let me know...and I'll let you know when it premieres!!! :-)


camra said...

Hi alishka
"all's fair in love and war", has brought me to your sight.

childhood dreams...
are you still looking for music or a musician.

Best choice in my opinion for this kind of expressive work would be
Michael Manring;
you will find him on YouTube.
He is the bass-player who
can bring dance to a different level. Contact him tell him about your project and he might write music for it. He is a very kind and open guy.

Second choice:
Vladislav Sendecki