Thursday, March 20, 2008

You are not a distraction you are the center of my attention.

This is what my former roommate's fiance told her once. I fell in love with the saying and wish with every fiber of my being that someday someone would say this to me. The latest update with ST is that I don't care anymore. I mean...the feelings are hard to describe but I think what I'm feeling is that he doesn't really care. Last night when I was visiting with him he would hold my hand...but at the same time the vibe I was getting from him was that he had other things to be doing with his time. Like....I felt that he wasn't really into it. I don't know what his deal is. What I DO know is that I deserve better then to be getting vibes that I'm not wanted. I never felt those vibes from my last boyfriend, and actually I still feel the care he has for me as a friend. Something I haven't sensed from ST yet. So....ST is in the "dog house" per se....I'm not doing anything. I'm not calling him, texting him, or facebooking him. In fact, I'm not even going to dream about him. He's not worth my time if he can't actually enjoy spending time with me.

Plus....I have a show tomorrow and Saturday to keep focused on. Rehearsal went so well tonight and I am very excited to perform tomorrow. So if you haven't already, get your tickets now! And now, I am off to get my much needed beauty sleep.Ciao.