Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Foto

So, I like to visit this site called we heart it. They have pretty pictures that a lot of times I use in varying blog posts. I know some of them will be perfect for certain things, others I just favorite because I like them and I think I'll need them later. (very great depression era of me I know. get over it)

Anyways, I've decided that some Fridays (not all, but some, often? who knows) I will share a favorite photo (or two? who knows!) or foto with you. I will also create a caption to go with it. Maybe. I haven't decided if that's actually going to happen all the time. Maybe you can help caption some of the photos? guess we'll see. So yeah. Look for that below.

Also, I did some rearranging on the blog and put together some "pages." there's an about me page and a page i've titled "newbies." This page has a handful of blog posts from my past that I thought might be pertinent to getting to know my blog and my blogging style. so yeah, if you're knew and haven't read anything from the archives be sure to check that out.

So here we are, Friday Foto time. I chose this picture because it makes me happy in so many ways. Have a lovely weekend y'all.

{photo source}


Heather said...

I love this idea! I think I'm going to borrow it--and adapt it a bit. I totally fail at picture-a-day type projects but I've been wanting to share my pictures on my blog. Also, I love taking pictures but for some reason I've just not been doing it lately. So this will be my motivation. =) Thanks for the inspiration, friend!

Nicki the Hippie said...

I love this picture. Thank you for posting :-)