Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dating Battle Stories: Blindman

{artwork by Roommate A}
First off, I have to apologize. I started writing this and then stopped. Don't ask why it took me so long but I figured all y'all deserved to find out how my first "first date" in a long time went down. Roommate A set me up with her boyfriend's roommate - Blindman. I had never met this boy before Friday the 14th. (I did Facebook stalk him, but that's about it) He seemed cool (based off of the stalking) and Roommate A and her boyfriend vouched for his coolness... so I agreed to a blind date.  Our date consisted of the boys picking us up, driving to Nickel City and playing games for several hours and then going back to my/Roommate A's apartment for pizza and The A Team. Then I went to bed and everybody else hung out.

You know what? Blind dates are awkward. I sort of forgot that fact in all my years of dating the same person. You don't know how that person acts in social situations, you don't know what they like, or ANYTHING. It makes it so hard to figure out what to say and what to do at any given moment during the date. So, my overall feeling? Awkward. I've heard through the grapevine that he thinks I'm a cool person but whether or not he'll ever ask me out again is yet to be seen. I think I would go out with him again if only because I don't think anyone should be judged on relationship compatibility from a blind date alone. Unless the person is a creeper or you feel super uncomfortable all night or something. (which I didn't. It was just awkward. Normal awkward - if there is such a thing)

So there you go. Nothing else has really happened in my dating world since then. I've been busy hanging out with groups of friends and getting ready for the show in FIVE DAYS. (get your tickets now!) I keep hoping for something to go down with Sweetums...but we keep missing each other. Our schedules have been polar opposites all month long and that has made me oh so sad. I do have something up my sleeve in a couple of weeks...we'll see how that pans out. :o)

In other news I woke up this morning thinking it was FRIDAY when in fact it is only WEDNESDAY. I'm not a fan of this. :P