Friday, January 07, 2011

When cleaning your room gets to be the "fun" thing you do on a Friday night

Today is the First Friday of the new year. I love Fridays. They make my heart oh so happy! I just wish I had today off. :o( Oh well. I am also sitting her wishing I had fun and amazing plans for my Friday night. Unfortunately for me, I've got nothing. I desperately need to clean my room seeing how I've barely been home a week and I still have piles of Christmas presents and dirty clothes in the corners of my room. Sigh. Since when did cleaning your room become the "fun" thing to do? sigh.

Anyways. There are few things that I wanted to blog about today. The first one being - my birthday! I love my birthday. It is a holiday all about me! At least....I like to think of it that way. :o) Today marks the 2 month countdown until my birthday. 2 months people! In 2 months I will be a quarter of a century old - GAH!

It is a big milestone birthday and because of that, I want to do something AWESOME! I would love to go to Disneyland...but as of right now I'm not sure that's going to happen. I do have another event happening later in March, but I am not at liberty to blog about it yet. I will when I can. :o)

So...the reason I am blogging about my birthday now my dear internet friends is because I need some ideas of what to do for my birthday that are not expensive and I can do them here in Utah.  I want to have an awesome birthday party to celebrate. I'm thinking a mocktail party would be really fun but any other ideas you might have would be welcome. I really want to have it be a "themed" party - like a fiesta party or toga party or something. Your thoughts would be much appreciated.

The other thing I wanted to blog today is the Friday Fill-ins. It has been a long time since I have participated in Friday Fill-ins and today I am going to do it. :o) Enjoy!!

1. It's 2011; I am loving this fact. 2011 is rockin' it out hard core y'all.

2. Oh my gosh, I LOVE pickles.

3. Thankfully I have my cute shirt to help with the winter blues.

4. I love how the little things tend to be the best things in life.

5. I am so excited for my future. My future is bright yo.

6. I love eating a bowl of soup on cold days. Warms the soul.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to cleaning my room *sigh*, tomorrow my plans include teaching, a teacher meeting, the gym, a bridal shower and date with Dr. Teeth and Sunday, I want to enjoy my stake training meeting and set up my visiting teaching appointments!