Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What I'm Wearing Wednesday

The clothes I am wearing today are greatly assisting in me feeling good. I had a fairly crappy day yesterday and today I was shooting to feel cute - even though my head cold is still raging a war inside of me.

I tried to find pictures to replicate my outfit, but I couldn't find anything EXACTLY the same. So use your imagination okay?

on top: brown DownEast shirt with a cream peasant top over it

on bottom: jean "flouncy" skirt with cream lace on the bottom - hits just below my knees.

 on feet: brown tights and my brown calf-high heeled boots
accessories: brown watch, brown ribbon in hair, brown and teal earrings

So there you go. I feel cute, I've been told I look cute, and so far the day isn't a total crap-out. Granted, the receptionist at work called in sick so I'm sitting downstairs and I am not a fan (especially after her being gone SO LONG) but I'm dealing with it. My evening should be pleasant enough and then it's just two more work days until the weekend. Here's hoping for fun things in my future! :o)