Sunday, January 09, 2011

Dating Battle Stories: Mad Dog

Time for another Dating Battle Stories Recap!!!  Today's receap is all about my great guy friend, Mad Dog.  Some of you might recognize the name Mad Dog, and not just from the introductions I did at Christmastime. Mad Dog and I met swing dancing about 2ish years ago. I went to his birthday party once.

Anyways, shortly after SwingKid broke up with me Mad Dog and I were conversing on Facebook. (sidenote: I do a lot of chatting with friends on Facebook, but this doesn't mean that I am on Facebook ALL THE TIME. ok? ok.) Anyways, because I didn't make a big to-do about my sudden single-ness he hadn't heard the news. I told him and we talked like friends tend to do. He's an awesome friend and a few days later sent me a text.  We texted back and forth a little bit and it ended with him asking me if I'd like to go hot tubbing with him at his place. Would I ever! I agreed and a time was set upon and I drove over to his place to begin our adventure.

Unfortunately, hot tubbing wasn't meant to be as the hot tub was broken because some dork put detergent in it. Don't ask me why someone would do's just mean. Mad Dog and I chilled in his apartment talking about stuff and ended up watching Inception with his roommate. It was a fun evening and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. (later that night I ended up hanging out with the Australian it was a very late night.)

About a week later - just a few days before I flew to see my family - I invited Mad Dog over to watch a movie at my place. We watched some awful movie with a very young Jude Law in it. That was the only good part about the movie. It was awful.

Mad Dog is a very big flirt. Which tends to work well for me, because I am a very big flirt as well. :o) It always leads to fun times. He's also extremely ticklish. One of the most ticklish guys I know! That is also great because I am so ticklish and I don't think it's fair when I try to retaliate and boys just sit and stare at me. sigh.

Anyways. Mad Dog and I chatted a little bit while I was in Virginia and when I got back we decided to hang out! So the first Sunday in January he came over to my place and we talked, watched Anastasia and just chilled in my living room.

Mad Dog is a great friend and I am SO GLAD he and I can hang out and stuff. It makes my heart happy to have a friend to do things with. I'm sure he'll make a few more appearances in this segment....but we'll wait and see.