Saturday, November 22, 2008

Resuce Ranger, Mad Dog and the ice cream that wasn't bought...

okay. First of all. today ended up being interesting to say the least.

Let's start with the first few hours of my evening. It all began with Rescue Ranger picking me up a little after 7. We went to Kneader's and ate amazing soup and bread and stuff. We talked forever. It was pretty much awesome. However, he had me home by 9 pm (on a Friday night!) and almost made it to my doorstep, not quite...but he did give me a decent hug.

So...sitting in my apartment a little after 9 after recounting the story to roommates and such...I decided I would hit my swing friend Mad Dog's party for his birthday which is next week. It was a fun party that ended with us watching Flightplan.  Mad Dog very smoothly picked up on all of my ridiculous amounts of flirting (it was hard core y'all) and very deftly put his arm around me. Awesome cuddling ensued. It was exactly what I was looking for tonight. I've missed that. I had promised him, for his birthday present, a dance beyond his wildest dreams. So...after the movie we went back to his garage, put on some good dancing songs and danced. It was great. He kissed me on the cheek...and I was leaving myself open for him to kiss me, wondering if I really should since I knew it wouldn't mean anything, lending myself to a NCMO evening. Well, we talked about the possibility. However, when  I came out and said I wasn't a NCMO type of girl and that I want someone to kiss me who means it and he said that he didn't know me well enough to do that...we ended up not making out. Which was kind of sad. I kinda wish I had, but at the same's a very good thing I didn't do that. 

So...Rescue Ranger = awesome date. Would love to do it again. We'll see if he does anything.
Mad Dog = in Wyoming for the next week, probably won't see him until Swing Dancing the following week.
and the ice cream that wasn't bought...well...that's because I'm a good girl and didn't give into any NCMO. Although I really want to kiss someone...


Matt and Amber said...

There is nothing wrong with an occassional ncmo session - as long as you keep your boundaries and it's not ALWAYS :) However, I did forget you zoobie types have your weird little rules... ice cream - bah.

Anonymous said...

So basically you went out with one guy and then ended up almost kissing another guy by the end of the night? That is so bizach! You are such a little hootchie player!

tiburon said...


You aren't committed to anyone - and while I think a good first date is nice it doesn't mean you can't cuddle with a friend.

You go on wit your bad self.