Saturday, November 08, 2008

Reasons my Mom Rocks

My mom is AWESOME. She sent me a package today. It had all the right things in it!

  1. a cute new t-shirt
  2. a brown sweater that is GORGEOUS
  3. earrings to match my new t-shirt
  4. a cute card with a Cold Stone gift card
  5. a Gift card for Payless (NEW SHOES!!!!)
  6. a cute little moose with magnet hands and feet
  7. a book of pictures of Virginia
  8. Christmas pins with cute sayings on them (like,  come let us adore ME!)
  9. and a cute quote.
My mom rocks my world. This week has been pretty awful. My mom made it so much better today. I'm excited to go to Payless and get shoes and to Coldstone and get ice cream. :) YAY!!!


Tiburon said...

Hooray for your mom! How sweet of her to send you a care package :)