Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Mission: Accomplish

This is my mission, and I've chosen to accept it. 

I will be using my entire Thanksgiving break to accomplish the following things:

  • write one 6-8 page research paper
  • create an 8-minute presentation on said research paper
  • choreograph 1/2 of my modern composition piece
  • create a 12-minute presentation for my Somatics class
  • choreograph 2 minutes of choreography for my ballet composition piecec
  • Finish Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance
  • Visit/hang out with SwingKid and see Quantum of Solace
  • create a study sheet for my D190 class' final exam
  • decorate my apartment for Christmas
  • Dye my hair
  • go to my old parent's house in payson, do my laundry
  • update my Modern journal
  • Hang out with Doctor Teeth
  • create lesson plans for my ballet classes
  • go to d.i.
  • go rock climbing?
  • Finish my Christmas shopping
  • don't die....
a pretty hefty list wouldn't you say? and i just added the fact i'm now going out on a date tomorrow night with BA from swing dancing. Hopefully I don't die...I'll keep you posted on how I finish out my goes!!


Kristina P. said...

I hope you accomplish the Don't Die one!

Happy Thanksgiving!

tiburon said...

Geez! That is quite the list - I hope you did yourself proud! :)