Saturday, November 29, 2008

Quantum of Solace

Wow.  What an unbelievable night. My dreams came true, more than I ever thought was possible.

Suffice it to say, Quantum of Solace was amazing. Nevermind that I was on  the second row...but really, it was awesome. it was hard to follow at times, but overall I enjoyed the movie. 

My weekend is going fantastically. Things are good. Things have somewhat resolved themselves with SwingKid. in fact, we are back together. I feel good about this. What I love even more is that last night he told me that he loved me. Twice. That's probably the best thing in the world. The fact that I know that he loves me. Cause heaven knows that I love him more than anything.

So...I don't know where things are going to end up for the two of us, but I have good feelings about being with him again. Hopefully I don't eat my words. 

This comic came up in our conversation last night: 

Pretty awesome no? I love xkcd comics. So much fun, and now I must leave you. I have a paper to finish, rock climbing to attend to, and my hair to dye. ;) Love ya!!


Liz Busby said...

Too bad you aren't cutting your hair instead of dying it, cause then your last sentence would be paper, rock, scissors. :D

Allie said...


Congratulations!! Hooray!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!

tiburon said...

So glad to hear that you and SwingKid have worked things out! Even more glad to hear about the love.

All you need is love.

And playpen balls.