Sunday, November 16, 2008

Elite Hall Benefit Dance

Last night I had the opportunity to venture into the cold north parts of Utah to attend a benefit swing dance. Holy cow it was soooo much fun!!  I danced with a whole bunch of different leads. They were all good and I definitely felt like I learned alot. It was nice to dance with some people that weren't from BYU Swing Kids. I love the BYU leads though. I danced with a lot of them at the same time. 

Here's the funny thing...SwingKid went up as well, and we actually ended up in the same car. Picture this, one small little car with no leg room in the back. I volunteered to sacrifice myself and sit in the middle back seat with a guy on either side of me (I know, big sacrifice right?) well, on my left was B* and on my right was... SwingKid. It was entertaining. The ride up we just talked mostly, I did lean forward at one point and catch a wink of sleep and both guys took it up on themselves to scratch my back.  :o) The fun hit on the way home. We left the cold north parts of Utah at 1:00am with a two-hour drive ahead of us. SwingKid had told me I could lean on his shoulder if need be. Well over the course of the drive I ended up with my head in his lap and his head on my back. It was actually fairly comfortable. It wasn't weird either. I could have put my head on the other guy's shoulder, but he was keeping the driver awake, so it was all SwingKid. It was interesting. I still like the kid, I think he's amazing, but at the same time I don't think we'll end up back together any time soon. I do think he got jealous a couple of times which I thought was great. :-) 

And now I'm off to go to church with Papa Funk and CPM. Getting home at 3 in the morning is not helpful for 9 am church. he he he. Have a great Sunday y'all!!