Tuesday, November 18, 2008


There are SO many cool things you can do with Google Analytics on one's blog. Google Analytics is a cool feature where you can see statistics about your blog.

Well, one of the cool things you can view is how people found your blog through keywords on Google. I'm going to list 5 of them, in order of least to most funny. Here it goes:

5. "elephant sneeze" - okay...dude. elephant sneeze? really?

4. "flats with white socks" - he he he. I love that someone searched for this. I totally did a blog post on it awhile back. Love it.

3. "byu ballet" + blog - not necessarily funny, BUT really AWESOME!!!

2. "sheri dew roommate fiance" - bwa ha ha ha!!! Okay, I have no idea who searched for THAT and came across my blog, but that's just plain AWESOME!!!

and my favorite...

1. "babushka fart" - he he he. This is by far my favorite. I really don't think I ever mention farting on my blog, but maybe I should. Maybe it would bring more people in...

Okay, also...another AWESOME feature of Google Analytics is a map tracker of where people come from. I almost have had visitors from every one of the 50 states, I just need someone from North Dakota (but who lives there?), Arkansas and Mississippi! My favorite list to look at is those are my international visitors (how DO they find me?) so my favorite countries that people come from....

5. Austrailia
4. South Africa
3. Netherlands
2. Singapore
1. Cyprus

and many others!! YAY!! my favorite is the one that says "not set" wha??


Tiburon said...

I LOVE analytics!!

I could spend all day on there :)

Bill said...

I am one of those who believes that North Dakota does not, in fact, exist. Nothing big is there. No one is from there. Is it real? The evidence says otherwise...