Thursday, January 06, 2011

Thursday Things

whew. I am so glad it is FINALLY Thursday! I just have one more day of work and then it will be the weekend. Love me some weekend!

things that are on my mind right now:
  • I LOST SIX pounds during the holidays. This made me so super happy. Also, I'm going faster on the couch-5k program + I've added some strength training exercises. go me!
  • I got my hair did last night. I love it. Makes my heart happy.
  • I proclaimed to the world the other day that I'm available for suitors...bring on the men!
  • My best friend gets married in one week. I love her.
  • My parent's house is under contract! YAY! This is SUCH HAPPY NEWS!
  • Work has been crazy busy the past few days. My poor head hurts from all of it.
  • The SLC Utah Food Bank is getting $1 million dollars. Cool, huh?!
  • I have my second rehearsal for my piece that I'm performing in LESS THAN A MONTH tonight. I'm excited!
  • Speaking of said show...y'all should come. I'll give you more details next week on how/where to buy tickets and all that jazz.
I think that's it. Life is busy around here, but busy is good. I like busy.