Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tender Mercy Tuesday - 8th Edition

Here we are, another Tuesday. I can't believe how quickly time has passed since I started this meme. Week 8 guys! Seriously?! time flies.

Anyways. Tender Mercies for the past week:
  • I had a couple of awesome spiritual experiences this week. I love those. They help strengthen both my testimony and my resolve. It definitely helps one get over some humps.
  • After a not so pleasant evening one day last week I had a friend call me who I hadn't talked to in almost 2 months. It was a wonderful conversation and the things we talked about reminded me why I didn't need to be sad.
  • Per yesterday's post - being able to talk to SwingKid and get over that initial post-break up conversation was SO good. I know it is going to take time to just be friends, but I do believe it is possible. 
  • I was cleaning up some files on my computer and I discovered a list I made a long time ago of 100 things that I like. I did some tweaking to update it a little bit and then created a Wordle. click on the image below to see 100 things I like!
Wordle: Untitled

  • Although my knee has been bothering me a little bit the past few days it hasn't hindered my ability to get anything done. :o) Thank goodness!
Anyways, I love doing these posts because they definitely help me remember all the good things happening in my life. There is SO MUCH good!  Anything good happening in your life you'd like to share?