Monday, January 17, 2011

Pointe Counterpointe

Alrighty guys. Two weeks from today I am making my (big) comeback!! I am performing in Academy of Ballet's gala show - Pointe Counterpionte.

This performance is on January 31st and February 1st at 7pm. Yes, I know it is a Monday/Tuesday which is a little odd...but it doesn't mean you can't come! Dates can be ANY night of the week! Or better still, bring your FHE group/family. :o)

Anyways. Details. You can purchase tickets through the Covey Center's website, go to their office, or give them a holler on the telephone. Tickets are $8 for the balcony and $10 for the Mezzanine/Floor. If you are a student/senior, you get $2 off.

Now, you might be asking why you should come to this performance in downtown cougartown at the end of the month.  Let me give you 5 REALLY good reasons.
  1. You get to see me perform on stage for the first time in 2+ years. The piece I am in is amazing. It's a director's piece and we've been working so hard on it. So come. 
  2. You get to see my amazing contemporary piece. This piece is really cool. Seriously, it's one of the coolest things I have ever choreographed. It was hard for me to choreograph and VERY much outside of my box - but it's turned out so cool!
  3. It is not ALL ballet! In fact there are quite a few contemporary, modern, and jazz pieces in the show!
  4. You also get to see my take on the classic Waltz of the Flowers dance. Shorter than the original, this piece is just aesthetically pleasing. 
  5. Did I mention you get to see me dance? I am really excited about this and I would love to have a TON of friends come and support me. Especially seeing how my family lives so far away these days.
So there you go. 5 pretty darn good reasons why you should plan on attending Pointe Counterpointe this year. I hope you come! :o)


glitterfeet said...

If only it wasn't on a SCHOOL night :( I would totally be there.