Thursday, January 13, 2011

don't mind me...

I'm just trying to get through the work day! I am SO SO SO excited about my weekend plans! They all start at about 6 pm tonight...and the fun will just continue on through most of Saturday. :o)

anywho...It's thursday! So that means....
  1. It is my 3-day weekend. This makes my heart super happy. I have a bazillion things going on and that also makes me happy.
  2. Today I get to go to my BEST friend's wedding. Also on the docket for today is rehearsal (2.5 weeks to show guys! EEK!) and Blue Tango dancing. 
  3. Tomorrow has many things going on including going to the Temple with sister B, taking a ballet class, cleaning my house, and going on a blind date.
  4. I haven't been on a blind date since CPM. I'm a little nervous.
  5. Pair my busy schedule with Sweetums' busy schedule and you get chaos. We've talked and tried to get together this week to no avail. Makes me sad. Hopefully next week will treat us both a little bit better.
  6. I haven't logged into Facebook while at work since January 1. I am awesome. It has been hard, but SO GOOD for me.
  7. My CTR ring is not fitting my finger very well right now. It's a little on the big side. I think my fingers have lost weight.
  8. Is that possible? do fingers lose weight?
  9. The receptionist came back EARLY! I thought she was going to be gone until MONDAY.  Thank goodness. I hate covering for her.
  10. Finally, I'm still thinking about birthday party ideas. Right now I am leaning towards a Super Hero birthday party. What do you think?
Wow. My brain has a lot of thoughts right now! The funny thing is, that's only like...a small portion of them! :o) Anyways. I hope you all have a splendid Thursday, a wonderful weekend, and I'll be sure to keep you posted on how everything pans out! Happy Day!


Matt and Amber said...

Alishka - my wedding ring has been threatening to fall off today at work - cuz my fingers are so cold! You could be susceptible to the temperature like me :)