Sunday, February 10, 2008

300th Post!!!

This is a HUGE milestone. Ever since post number one back on February 10, 2005. I have posted here and there, sometimes regularly and sometimes not. As I realized that this big milestone was happening, and that I could make it happen on my 3rd year anniversary of being an official blogger, I have been brainstorming what this post would be like. So, to celebrate my 300th post and 3rd year of blogging I have come up with 100 things in 3 different categories that I want to share with you. 100 things about me, 100 songs, and 100 movies. So sit back and enjoy!!!

100 Things About Me

This is pretty much the awesomest list ever.
  1. My mom is one of my best friends.
  2. I am a daddy’s girl.
  3. I am the oldest.
  4. I’m a ballerina.
  5. I LOVE ice cream.
  6. I really enjoy grocery shopping.
  7. I like to go shoe shopping.
  8. I really like Jell-O. In all forms. Yum.
  9. My birthday should be a holiday. I really, really like my birthday. It’s March 7th in case you were wondering when you could send me presents…
  10. Spring is my favorite season.
  11. I sometimes wish I was an ice skater.
  12. I have really cool friends.
  13. I am extremely optimistic.
  14. Being sad is not something I like to do on a normal basis.
  15. I LOVE dark chocolate. Especially Midnight Milky Way candy bars.
  16. Big, fluffy snowflakes reminds me of being in a snow globe, and is the most romantic thing about winter. Seriously.
  17. I enjoy scrapbooking.
  18. I have a fish named bob. He has been alive for 9 months. Go me.
  19. I love my job.
  20. Gerbera daisies are my favorite flower in the world.
  21. I love the colors purple and teal.
  22. I am learning how to play the piano. It is awesome.
  23. I want to be a choreographer when I grow up. Speaking of which, I have a piece that is going to be in my show in March. Don’t miss it.
  24. Music speaks to me.
  25. I like to dress up in pretty dresses.
  26. I dislike spaghetti. It’s my least favorite dish in the world.
  27. I have never had a date for Valentine’s Day. [hint, hint]
  28. I really like having a date for my birthday…
  29. I don’t like seafood.
  30. I have a crush on House. Sigh…isn’t he so attractive? And did you know he’s really British? Don’t believe me? Watch this clip
  31. I’m a sucker for British accents.
  32. I work with someone who has an Australian accent. This is pretty much as cool as a British accent. My boss rocks.
  33. I have never been to Disneyland.
  34. I only watch scary movies when there is a boy to hold my hand.
  35. I suck at bowling.
  36. I LOVE taking pictures. Of everything. Thank goodness I now own a digital camera.
  37. I am a sucker for princess Disney movies.
  38. I am also a sucker for Disney music. I really like to sing to it.
  39. I like LDS romance-fiction novels.
  40. I love classic cartoons from the old days. Like Talespin, Darkwing duck, Duck Tales (woo oo!) and of course Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers.
  41. I like change. Truly I do, change is a great opportunity to grow. Even if change is hard, it isn’t usually a bad thing.
  42. I like getting my picture taken.
  43. I secretly want to be on America’s Next Top Model. Mostly because I like getting my picture taken. lol
  44. I like bright colors.
  45. I love the Nauvoo temple. I want to go inside someday.
  46. I love to read and have loved to read since I was in the first grade.
  47. I like to sing along with songs I know. Even though I can’t sing.
  48. I love making new friends.
  49. I tend to do crazy things.
  50. I also love the Mount Timpanogos Temple. Pretty!!
  51. I have a thing for cows.
  52. And sheep.
  53. And pigs.
  54. All because of this great children’s book: Moo, Baa, La La La.
  55. Sometimes I like to French-tip my fingernails…and I like that I like it.
  56. I have a thing for post-it notes.
  57. I have a bigger thing for paperclips.
  58. I met my best friend in ninth-grade biology.
  59. I tend to always know what the weather’s going to be like…what can I say? I like to plan my clothes for the next day!
  60. I secretly like the color pink.
  61. I hate biology.
  62. I hate science in general. Yuck.
  63. Mondays are my favorite day.
  64. I am a true blue, dyed in the wool, cougar fan.
  66. I like to play ultimate Frisbee. A lot.
  67. I am a scrap booker.
  68. I like dangly earrings.
  69. I tend to like things sparkly. The more sparkles…usually the happier I am.
  70. I like to stare at the stars.
  71. Camping is one of my favorite things to do in the summertime, even though its been a while since I’ve had the chance to do it.
  72. I am thrifty shopper. D.I., sales, you name it…I like it.
  73. I enjoy good smelling lotion. Like Love Spell, black raspberry vanilla, and Japanese cherry blossom.
  74. My favorite spice is rosemary.
  75. Growing up I loved reading Nancy Drew. I wanted to be like her.
  76. I have a thing for Nutella (except for right now because it’s lent)
  77. I swoon at a boy in a good looking suit and tie. [sigh] best thing ever.
  78. I love wearing the colors teal, green, and blue. My closet consists of mostly these colors.
  79. I love little kids. So much fun! I want to have a family one day.
  80. I like to play with play-doh.
  81. I love teaching ballet.
  82. I like walking on the beach barefoot. I would say holding hands with someone while doing that, but since I’ve never done that, I can only use my dreams as a basis. However, I imagine that it’s really nice.
  83. I like toe socks.
  84. I also like fuzzy socks.
  85. I only wear one ring at the moment, and that’s my CTR ring.
  86. I like to climb trees.
  87. I’ve only played in the ocean once, and it was one of the best things I have ever done.
  88. Even though I grew up in Utah, I have never been skiing, or snowboarding for that matter.
  89. Also, I hate cold weather…even though I grew up with it.
  90. I love country dancing.
  91. I like the feel of new contacts on my eyes.
  92. I like to daydream. Daydreams are happy, happy things.
  93. I like Sun Chips: Harvest Cheddar variety.
  94. I do not like Ranch dressing on my salad. For dipping veggies yes, salad, no.
  95. I really like it when a guy puts his hand on the small of my back. Also, when a guy holds my hand. Something about it makes me feel safe, and I really like that.
  96. iTunes is my best friend. (well…pretty much.)
  97. I am not a pet person. Besides bob the fish of course.
  98. I am lots of fun when I have 800 mg of ibuprofen running through me. Just ask my mom.
  99. I enjoy road trips. I am thinking I’ll need one of those really soon.
  100. I love and relish running through the grass barefoot.

100 Songs - This is a combination of my top 100 songs from iTunes and favorites of mine. I LOVE music, it's a very important part of my life.

  1. Weeping - Josh Groban Feat. Ladysmith Black Mambazo
  2. Whiskey - Lullaby Brad Paisley
  3. I Loved Her First - Heartland
  4. Remember When - Alan Jackson
  5. So She Dances - Josh Groban
  6. If That Were Me - Melanie C
  7. Mary's Song (Oh My My My) - Taylor Swift
  8. Stand - Rascal Flatts
  9. Before He Cheats - Carrie Underwood
  10. On My Own - Les Miserables
  11. Kiss The Girl - Samuel E. Wright
  12. Do Wah Diddy Diddy - Herman's Hermits
  13. The Bridge - Elton John
  14. I Won't Say [I'm In Love] - Susan Egan, Cheryl Freeman, LaChanze, Vaneese Thomas, & Lillian White
  15. Girlfriend - Avril Lavigne
  16. Calling You - Blue October
  17. Unwritten - Natasha Bedingfield
  18. If My Heart Had Wings - Faith Hill
  19. Come Thou Fount - Freddie Ashby
  20. I Think I'm in Love With You - Jessica Simpson
  21. Picture To Burn - Taylor Swift
  22. My Immortal - Evanescence
  23. Small Enough - Mindy Gledhill
  24. Wanna Dance With Somebody - Whitney Houston
  25. Circle Of Life Carmen - Twillie & Lebo M.
  26. Prayer Of The Children - InsideOut A Cappella
  27. I Heard Him Come - Jeff Goodrich
  28. Alegria - Cirque du Soleil
  29. Hallelujah - Jeff Buckley
  30. Swing Swing - The All-American Rejects
  31. Nothin' Like the Summer - Carmen Rasmusen
  32. Jesus, Take the Wheel - Carrie Underwood
  33. A Little Fall of Rain - Les Miserables
  34. Like a Lighthouse - Michael Webb
  35. Garden Walls - Mindy Gledhill
  36. Passenger Seat - SheDaisy
  37. What Hurts the Most - Cascada
  38. Dream On Texas Ladies - John Michael Montgomery
  39. Just Beyond The Riverbend - Judy Kuhn
  40. Me and My Gang - Rascal Flatts
  41. Teardrops On My Guitar - Taylor Swift
  42. I Need Thee Every Hour - April Meservy
  43. God Help The Outcasts - Esmeralda (Heidi Mollenhauer) & Chorus
  44. As Long As You're Mine - Idina Menzel & Leo Norbert Butz
  45. River God - Mindy Gledhill
  46. Son of Man - Phil Collins
  47. Stay Beautiful - Taylor Swift
  48. Piano Man - Billy Joel
  49. Holding out for a Hero - Bonnie Tyler
  50. Complicated - Carolyn Dawn Johnson
  51. Room With A View - Carolyn Dawn Johnson
  52. There Will Come A Day - Faith Hill
  53. We'll Bring The World His Truth (Army Of Helaman) - Hudson River School
  54. Candy - Mandy Moore
  55. Someone Searching - Mindy Gledhill
  56. Beautiful To Him - Rachel Thibodeau
  57. Un, Dos, Tres - Ricky Martin
  58. Great Spirits - Tina Turner
  59. You Say It Best - Alison Krauss
  60. A Whole New World - Brad Kane & Lea Salonga
  61. A Great Memory - John Michael Montgomery
  62. I Hope You Dance - Lee Ann Womack
  63. I Dreamed A Dream - Les Miserables
  64. Cold As You - Taylor Swift
  65. Whats a Girl to Do - Bat For Lashes
  66. She's Always A Woman To Me - Billy Joel
  67. Lullaby (Goodnight, My Angel) - Billy Joel
  68. Walkin' in Memphis - Lonestar
  69. Complicated - Avril Lavigne
  70. My Maria - Brooks & Dunn
  71. You Were Mine - Dixie Chicks
  72. Girls And Boys - Good Charlotte
  73. In Her Eyes - Josh Groban
  74. Beauty And The Beast - Walt Disney Music Company w/Angela Lansbury
  75. Be Our Guest - Walt Disney Music Company w/Jerry Orbach as Lemiere
  76. Reach For Me Now - Cirque Du SoleiL
  77. What About Me? - David Bass
  78. Me and You - Fall Out Boy
  79. Machine - Josh Groban Feat. Herbie Hancock
  80. Defying Gravity - Kristin Chenoweth, Idina Menzel, Ensemble
  81. Empty Chairs At Empty Tables - Les Miserables
  82. Shadow of the Day - Linkin Park
  83. Save the Last Dance for Me - Michael Buble
  84. Trashin' the Camp - Phil Collins
  85. Our Song - Taylor Swift
  86. Say OK - Vanessa Hudgens
  87. Arabian Nights - Bruce Adler
  88. You're The Inspiration - Chicago
  89. Tailor Made - Colbie Caillat
  90. Top Of The World - Dixie Chicks
  91. Stacey's Mom - Fountains Of Wayne
  92. My Front Porch Looking In - Lonestar
  93. Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride - Mark Keali'i Ho'omalu
  94. Hey There Delilah - Plain White T
  95. Tied Together With A Smile - Taylor Swift
  96. Where Were You (When The World Stopped Turning) - Alan Jackson
  97. Starts With Goodbye - Carrie Underwood
  98. Pocketful of Sunshine - Natasha Bedingfield
  99. Over You - Daughtry
  100. How Far We've Come - Matchbox Twenty
100 Movies

  1. The Little Mermaid
  2. Casablanca
  3. Ever After
  4. Enchanted
  5. Toy Story
  6. Toy Story 2
  7. Singles Ward
  8. Return to Me
  9. The Rescuers
  10. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
  11. The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
  12. The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King
  13. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
  14. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest
  15. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End
  16. Hotel Rwanda
  17. Cinderella
  18. Sleeping Beauty
  19. Snow White
  20. Pinocchio
  21. How to loose a guy in 10 days
  22. The Wedding Planner
  23. Maid in Manhattan
  24. Remember the Titans
  25. Miracle
  26. Batman Begins
  27. Spiderman 2
  28. Shrek
  29. Shrek 2
  30. Monsters Inc.
  31. The Terminal
  32. The Absent-Minded Professor
  33. Flubber
  34. Patch Adams
  35. Ready to Launch
  36. Treasure Planet
  37. Pete’s Dragon
  38. Mary Poppins
  39. Nanny McPhee
  40. Lilo & Stitch
  41. Mulan
  42. Rudy
  43. Glory Road
  44. Lion King
  45. Lion King 2
  46. A Cinderella Story
  47. Bridge to Terabithia
  48. The Emperor’s New Groove
  49. Monster House
  50. The Incredibles
  51. The Holiday
  52. Gone With the Wind
  53. Ice Princess
  54. Harry Potter #1
  55. Harry Potter #2
  56. Harry Potter #3
  57. Harry Potter #4
  58. Harry Potter #5
  59. She’s the Man
  60. Phantom of the Opera
  61. Brother Bear
  62. Sound of Music
  63. Wimbledon
  64. The Wedding Date
  65. While You Were Sleeping
  66. You’ve Got Mail
  67. A Walk to Remember
  68. Princess Diaries
  69. Princess Diaries 2
  70. Ella Enchanted
  71. Happy Feet
  72. Ice Age
  73. Flushed Away
  74. Madagascar
  75. Tarzan
  76. Hercules
  77. The Princess Bride
  78. Beauty and the Beast
  79. Ratatouille
  80. Finding Nemo
  81. Hairspray
  82. Aladdin
  83. What Women Want
  84. Sweet Home Alabama
  85. The Parent Trap
  86. Fantasia
  87. Fantasia 2000
  88. Anastasia
  89. The Fantastic 4
  90. Jungle Book
  91. Peter Pan
  92. Ocean’s Eleven
  93. My Big Fat Greek Wedding
  94. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
  95. Love Actually (edited)
  96. Music & Lyrics
  97. Under the Tuscan Sun
  98. Monster-in-Law
  99. Night at the Museum
  100. Uptown Girls


Olympus said...

Did you know that Mindy Gledhill's "Someone Searching" is actually a cover of a song by blind Christian artist Ginny Owens? You should check out the original.