Monday, February 11, 2008

soical networking craziness

So I was on campus late one Friday night with two people: BC and JW. So I run into VW...who happens to know JW. Which was oddly funny, but cool at the same time. Well it hadn't been 5 minutes when I run into BC2. Who knows BC from a job they had on campus together. It was freaky. Well, about 5 minutes later i run into my Twin, JH. I freak out, we hug, chat for a minute, and then JW, BC, and BC2 join us in our conversation...and it turns out BC2 knows my twin JH!!!! How freaky is that? In a matter of 15 minutes I ran into 3 good friends of mine that were somehow connected to people I was currently with. It never ceases to amaze me how people are connected.

It's truly incredible to me, and at the same time it makes me really happy. I have recently begun to realize how many really good friend I truly do have. I love having friends. There's just something about having people who know you and know what you need so much of the time. It pretty much rocks.