Monday, February 25, 2008


Purses are one of the coolest things in the world. I love purses. I have many purses. Purses are kind of like shoes...a girl can't get enough of them!! I have the sweet purple one my mom made me. Then I have my newest purchase of a white purse with pink sequins and the green m&m on it. However, there is one downfall to purses. They always seem to be bottom-less pits.

Remember my dream from ages ago on Mary Poppins? She had a cool bag, not really a purse, but a bag, and it was bottom-less. However, that was a bag not a purse.

No matter the size of my purse, whether it be big or small it always seems to be that I can never find anything in it! I buy a smaller purse thinking that it will be easier to handle and find htings in. Negatory. So then I buy a bigger purse thinking with all the room I'll be able to find the things I need. Negatory. It doesn't matter the size, style, or type of purse, it automatically becomes a bottom-less pit when it is dubbed a "purse."

I wish I knew how to fix this problem of bottom-less purses. I really do. I love purses and really enjoy getting new ones...but I hate trying to find things in them. Any suggestions??