Tuesday, February 12, 2008

best friends

what exactly is a best friend? according to dictionary.com a best friend is: the one friend who is closest to you. I have had many close friends in my life, and more than one best friend. One thing that I definitely want though, is to marry my best friend. I think that my husband should be my very closest friend. The one in who I want to confide everything to and be with all the time. I remember my best friend from elementary school. We did everything together. We told each other secrets, played every single day, and just enjoyed each others presence. Thinking about my best friends (my best girl friends that is) made me think of what my best guy friend should be like, aka the guy I marry.

I have had a lot of really good guy friends in my life. There are the ones that are always there when I need a hug, or a shoulder to cry on. I have the guy friend that I can always call for a date, knowing that we both know its not going to go anywhere, but that we just need to get out and have some fun. Then there are the guy friends that I want to date. However, since we are "friends" these boys seem scared to try and take it to the next level because they don't want to ruin a good thing. BUT isn't what everyone wants is a "best friend" for a companion in life? So why not try and take your best friend to that level? It frustrates me to some degree that the whole being friends thing first seems to stop some people. [sigh]

I guess I just wish I could meet some people, who become my really good friends, and then we possibly date and stuff. Wouldn't that be really nice? Because truly, one of the requirements of my husband to be is that he is my best friend. He has to be someone I can truly talk to, confide in, and feel like he is truly listening to what I say and responds accordingly. I have a friend who is like this. It never ceases to me how well we can talk to each other and discuss our lives. It's a great thing in my mind. He rocks. However that's all he is is a friend. Part of me wants it to go further but at the same I am not ready for something like that right now. I just got out of relationship. A really good one at that. So now, here I sit wondering where my life is going, what I am doing and how I am going to meet someone that can truly make me happy and be my best friend. If you have any ideas, please let me know. Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

I thought I was the one who always called you for a date. :p