Monday, February 18, 2008

Vegas!! Part 2

Sigh. Warm, warm weather. I love you a lot. Truly, I do. So Sunday afternoon after we attended church we made our way to the Las Vegas Nevada Temple since we figured that would be a good, wholesome activity for a Sunday afternoon. As we approached the grounds, we really, really liked the warm weather.
The Temple was GORGEOUS!!! It was seriously so pretty.

I found myself a new boyfriend at the Vegas Temple...
we got along very well, and we enjoyed each other's company for the few minutes I was there. ;) lol. Honestly though, the palm trees were so pretty. Sister B, mom and I all loved seeing green things around us. I miss that part of Vegas already. I am not happy with mountains of snow still on the ground. We also went and chilled in the jacuzzi Sunday evening (that was really nice). Today was spent shopping and going to the M&M World as well as the MGM hotel. Pictures below. We had a blast shopping and found some fun things to bring home with us. Sadly, we left Vegas mid-afternoon and I got back to P-Town late this evening. I have to go back to school tomorrow. Yuck. Not excited. least I got a vacation!!!

The Green M& it!

The MGM Lion habitat. This was incredible. Pretty much I walked underneath 2 lions sleeping. Really, really cool.

This is a shot of the mall we went shopping at. It was a HUGE mall, and even after spending over 2 hours inside, we definitely didn't see the entire thing. However, it was really, really cool.