Friday, February 15, 2008


Whenever I go to a restaurant I tend to drink. A lot. Like, more than normal. Minus that one time I drank 5-2o oz bottle of liquids in one day. On a normal basis I usually drink like 2 water bottles or so throughout my entire day.

However, when I go to a restaurant I drink A LOT. Take this past weekend for example, when I was at my favorite restaurant ever (aka Los Hermanos) and during my hour and half or so dinner I drank 2 full glasses of water and 1 full glass of strawberry lemonade. This is quite normal for me when I am at a restaurant. :-)

I have wondered why this might be. I think part of it might be because of the straw. I mean honestly...straws are just SO cool. My favorite restaurant to get a straw at is California Pizza Kitchen. They have the cool straws:But then there are these freaking incredible straws:

However I did like it at T.G.I. Fridays when they gave me a pretty sweet colored straw.

Perhaps I should invest in some sweet straws and maybe that would help me drink more water on a normal business....something to chew on, or suck on as the case may be. ha h ha


ChillyGator said...

I love straws too! They have to be colored and bendy. Or at least bendy.

As an aside, my brother in law tips based on how good the waitress is on refilling water. I'd adopt that habit, but I rarely drink that much.