Tuesday, January 29, 2008

yuck, ick, gross and water logged to boot

there is something doing the funky chicken in my throat. no joke. it's driving me nuts. my throat is scratchy and it hurts. a cough decided to grace my presence about mid-morning and that makes my throat hurt even more because it's that deep, intense kind of cough. and man alive it is not comfortable!!!

To try and help this i started my morning by being on campus at 7am to observe a 1-hour ballet class (that didn't help, but this next part did). While sitting in that class I managed to drink 20 oz of orange juice. (well almost, I finished it at work) From there I went to work where I drank 20 oz of "energy" vitamin water, I continued to drink that throughout my next class and finished that at 11. I then walked up the stairs to watch an amazing devotional by Paul Rusesabagina. (the guy depicted in Hotel Rwanda) Before that started I filled up my water bottle with normal water, and started to drink that. I finished that 20 oz water bottle while at work. Then it was off to ballet class, where I attended with a full 20 oz water bottle. Drank the entire thing during class. After class I filled up my water bottle again, and drank my 5th 20-oz bottle of liquid (still water at this point) during rehearsal. If you've been paying attention and are any good at math, that adds up to 100-oz of liquid from 7am to 7pm. That's a lot of liquid!! I have some water sitting here by me now. I have to go to the bathroom so often, it's crazy!! I do feel like it's helped a little bit, but I definitely still feel sick. :P yuck, ick, gross.....