Wednesday, January 16, 2008


It is currently 9:57 in the morning, and it is only 12 degrees Fahrenheit. IT'S SO FREAKING COLD!!!!!!!

I forgot to look at my little weather bug when I got to work this morning, but it must have been somewhere between 8-10 degrees when I walked to campus. I wore: one pair of jeans, with one pair of sweats over them; I also wore my down east tee, a chenille sweater, my company jacket, my wool pea coat, gloves, one scarf, and a hat. I'm sure I looked pretty silly...but at least I didn't freeze anything off. :-P

I hope I survive this freakishly cold weather that has settled in Utah. I am SO ready for spring.


ChillyGator said...

I dressed like that for my all of five minute walk last night from my car to class. I still thought I wasn't going to make it. So cold!

I approve of ridiculous dressing in the name of warmth.

The people next to me were wearing like tee shirts and light jackets. Why? Really.