Thursday, January 31, 2008


I am at home sick today. I hate staying home sick. Hate it!!! I'm the type of person that tries to keep going and going until I collapse. Except for today. I decided it would be better if I stayed home today. So here I sit, all by myself on my couch wishing I was in class. Who does that? Who wishes they were in class? I know why I'm wishing I was in class. See, if I was in class, it would mean that I'm not sick and that life would be normal. Instead I'm at home thinking of everything I would be doing if I wasn't still in my pajamas. [sigh] this sucks. i can think of things that would make this better...but that would be me living in the past, and that's not something i enjoy doing. so if anyone has nothing better to do and wants to sit with an invalid i'll be here all day long. :P

what do you do when you're sick?


Artista said...

This reminds me of the time that you had strep and cried because i was making you stay home from taking test at still went and took the test i believe.