Monday, January 28, 2008


Goodbye President Hinckley. You will be missed and mourned much today. It was somewhat a shock to hear of his passing, because I didn't know that he was ailing in his health, but at the same time it has been somewhat expected for a few years now. He was 97 years old! Even though it comes to a shock, I know that it will be okay. It is interesting for me to thing that he has been the main leader in my lifetime. While this is sad, Growing up I have only really known President Hinckley as the prophet and president of the church. I do remember a little bit of President Benson and President Hunter, but truly President Hinckley sobering news, I know that he must be so happy right now. I am sure that it is just a party up there with his wife Marjorie Hinckley and his friends and other family members that passed before he did. Thank you for everything you did for the church, it was an incredible time of growth. God bless...