Sunday, January 06, 2008


I hate Murphy's Law with every fiber of my being. Honestly, I thought some kind of sickness (flu, cold, etc.) would catch up with me over the break because I wouldn't be going like I was during the semester and getting sick would just happen. In fact, I told myself it should happen during the break so I could be 100% by the start of the new semester (which is tomorrow by the way). Well guess what? My plans didn't happen, in fact my cold started to come on Friday evening and when I woke up yesterday morning I was very congested, a little achy, and my head felt like it was going to explode. I feel somewhat better today, but no where near where I need to be by tomorrow. I'm shooting just to make myself better so I can actually go to work and school, and not worry about dancing, but I have to be able to dance by Tuesday for rehearsal. [sigh]

In other news CPM comes back to Provo tomorrow and all y'all that know me know how excited I am for him to be back. I made it the entire break without too much heartbreak, but it was still hard and I'm glad he'll soon be back. And now I think I'm going to rest my poor exploding head.