Saturday, February 23, 2008

awe struck

August Rush is an amazing movie. I just saw it for the first time at the dollar theater and I was blown away by its amazingness. This movie was just incredible. So much of the ideas about music that was represented are thoughts that I have about dancing. I believe that dancing can come from anywhere at any time. It is inside of me waiting to get out. The music of August Rush spoke to me like nothing has touched me before. I sat there itching to get up and create movement to go along with the emotion that was happening inside of me.

My director said this morning during our rehearsal that motion creates emotion. That really stuck out to me. I believe that is true, that the motion we as dancers do on stage does create emotion for those in the audience, but I also believe that emotion can create motion. Many times my choreography is created based off of emotions that I am feeling.

Take for example the piece that is premiering in my March show, the working title being "Delight in Life". This is because I wanted something that would depict my joy that I have in life. I love life and wanted to share that with the audience.

Anyways, back to emotion creating motion. During the movie August Rush I felt emotions running through me stronger than I have felt in a long time. Ideas started flowing in my head for pieces that I want to choreograph.

I've decided that my senior project is going to be incredible. I want it to be that way, so I will create it that way. My only dilemma is that I have so many things that I want to do to make an impact on the world that I don't know what to use for my crowning achievement. I want to do a comedy ballet, but I've also come across several artists and a ton of music that truly speaks to me that I could choreograph to. I know that whatever I do will end up being the right thing and it will be an amazing experience. I am excited for that moment. It will be awesome. Much like what I am feeling now: awesomeness.

So the moral of this post is to go and see an inspiring movie: August Rush. I know it touched me, let it touch you.