Thursday, February 03, 2011

Tired Thursday Things

  • I am oh so very tired. I forget how much putting together a show can take it out of me. I am starting to get sick and my sinuses are attacking me. Stupid sinuses.
  • I washed my bedding yesterday and it finished in the dryer right before bedtime. Therefore, I had a nice warm and toasty bed when I went to sleep. This was AWESOME. I wish I could find the energy to do that more often, but I hate making my bed after washing all of my sheets and stuff.
  • I must admit that I've been on a dating website the past couple of weeks and I've been talking to a few guys from said website. I am meeting one of the guys tomorrow. We became facebook friends the other day and this guy is NOT attractive. :( Hopefully the date goes in such a way that I can put him off without being too mean.
  • Another guy from said dating website has been emailing me and he sent me some pictures. He is super cute. We'll see where that goes.
  • I have season tickets to Ballet West and the next ballet is next Saturday, February 12. They are performing Sleeping Beauty. I am so thrilled to go see this. I'm calling Sweetums tomorrow to ask him to come with me. I haven't seen him in a month and haven't really talked to him in several weeks. It makes me sad. Here's hoping he doesn't already have plans for next weekend.
  • I made a dentist appointment yesterday. I hate the dentist. However, I think I have picked a really good one. We'll see after the appointment in a couple of weeks.
  • I won my work's wellness program for January. I won a one-hour massage. I am going to use it after I go to the dentist.
  • I have fun plans for my sister's birthday next week and I'm really excited to celebrate with her.
  • Also, I am really excited to not have to worry about cleaning choreography for a month or so. We'll start to learn June's choreography in March, but until then it will just be class and training. Good times.
I think that's everything that I have thought about in the past few days. It's probably not and I'm really tired so I don't really feel like my brain is functioning at full capacity these days. Have a good Thursday y'all.