Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Today, I want to express a whole bunch of feelings that I have in my heart. Even though I find myself without a Valentine this year, I have an overwhelming amount of love that I want to share. Many times I wish we were more like the Greeks and had the many different words that express different types of love. I think that part of the Greek language is beautiful. So many times I want to tell people that I love them, but it's not necessarily a romantic love but rather a brotherly/sisterly love or a friendship love. Love is so diverse and can be defined in so many ways.
I love that picture up above. Love is a VERB guys. Loving anyone takes action on your part. I don't think it really matters HOW you show your love, as long as you actually show it. Love requires action.

One thing I have realized in my years of dating and giving my parts of my heart to several different people is that you just have to take the risk. Sure, dating can break your heart. Loving someone is a huge risk, but the times that it works far outweigh any time where it doesn't. I don't regret any time that I've given my heart to someone.
So on today, of all days, I hope you'll never stop loving - anyone! Everyone needs a little bit of love. Thanks for being great internet friends y'all. I am so grateful for all the support and love I feel from everyone of you all the time. Have a wonderful Valentine's Day everyone. I love ya!!!


erin said...

You always find such great graphics. :)

Matt and Amber said...

Aw - you make my heart happy. Love you too, Alishka!