Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dating Battle Stories: Intro to Tron

It's time for another introduction my dear friends. Today I am introducing you to Tron. Tron is the guy I met through an internet dating site. (I have made mention of him here and here). I was impressed first by his profile and second by the answers to the questions from the "guided communication" process said internet dating site offered. Soon Tron and I were emailing back and forth on a fairly regular basis.

A little over a week ago Tron asked if I would like to meet in real life and I said I would. We made arrangements to meet at a local Chili's. (one of my favorite places to eat!) So on Friday I got all cute and stuff and headed out to meet my first ever "match" from a dating website.

To say I had fun would be an understatement. The whole evening (aka dinner) was so much fun! Tron and I totally clicked and enjoyed tons of conversation and story trading. There was never an awkward moment. This guy is definitely grounded, confident, and solid. (Plus he's totally cute. :o) ) He gave me two hugs - one at the beginning of our date and one at the end. He's taller than me when I wear heels. A definite plus.

So after said dinner date, Tron walked me to my car and as we near my car he asked me if I would like to do "this" again sometime. I told him "I would love to." He then gave me my 2nd hug of the evening and off we went on our separate ways. Right after I got home I wanted to text him, but my roommate convinced me to hold off until the next day. Instead, she and I went shopping for fabric for my costumer for my birthday party and while we were out, Tron texted me! I waited a bit before I read and responded (I had to focus on my costume - the store was closing soon!) but it was nice to have him make first contact after the date.

Then Monday night I got a phone call guessed it! Tron! He called to see how I was doing since we had seen each other and we made small talk and what not for several minutes. He then asked me when I would be available this weekend and I told him Saturday. He told me he hadn't planned anything yet because it would depend on what night I was free. Tron said he'd call me later this week to finalize plans. :o)

THEN! (I know, isn't this a great story?!) I was on Facebook last night after my workout at the gym and I noticed Tron was online. I debated starting a conversation with him, but decided to wait. I'm so glad I did because he started a conversation with me! We talked for a good 45 minutes or so about all sorts of things. I flirted hard core and he flirted back! He and I have talked about our interests and one of his is Soccer. I know nothing about soccer and he knows that. At one point in our conversation we got talking about Real Salt Lake. I guess they played a game last night and I asked when the season opened and what not. Well, I tried to be all excited about it, but he totally called me on it since I know nothing about soccer. :o) I told him that's because I've never had anyone to indoctrinate me. Tron then said, "Well, I'll be your indoctrinator if you want." I told him that I would like that. (see...flirty!) Anyways, he shared a link with me on an awesome soccer play under the guise that it would be my first in our lecture series. ha ha ha. This kid is great.

I'm a huge fan of Tron. He's been so nice and wonderful just in general! Our date Friday was honestly one of the BEST first dates I have ever been on and I am in major twitterpation mode. Needless to say, I am very much looking forward to my date with him on Saturday night. sigh. I'm liking this whole dating business. It's treating me fairly well. :o) Stay tuned for future updates! It should be good times. ;)


Matt and Amber said...

LOVE! I'm so excited to see you this weekend - and soccer really is one of the better sports. Don't tell Matt, but we're going to the RSL and LA game the weekend of his birthday. :)